Our mission is to bring together the world’s finest film­makers, talent, IP, boundless imagination and state-of-the-art filmmaking technology to deliver inspiring and deeply immersive cinematic stories about us (humans), the natural world and beyond.

Producing vivid, audibly enhanced and spatially immersive storytelling for global audiences is at the heart of what we do – our design is to constantly seek new ways to engage the human senses and connect them to unique perspectives and experiences of life that audiences will never want to let go of, all wrapped up in meaningful and relatable stories reminding us just how important our home is.

Part of the journey within our storytelling is to enhance the power of the audio (in this world where the visual prevails) so that it equals (if not, at times, exceeds) that of the picture.


Stephen McDonogh
Founder/Managing Director
of Lone Wolf Pictures Ltd.